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3 Friesian Horse Rescues To Check Out Before Adoption A Horse 21

friesian horse rescue
Friesians are one of the most elegant and dignified of all horse breeds. Friesians sometimes have to be rehomed due to economic reasons or abusive situations and need rehabilitation. Friesian Horse rescue groups offer...
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Here's What You Need To Know About Friesian Horse Temperament 1

friesian horse temperament

Friesian Horses are one of the oldest horse breeds in Europe, dating back to Roman times. They were originally bred in Friesland, in the Netherlands. Friesians have been influential in the development of a variety of breeds. Knights during the medieval...

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7 Interesting Friesian Horse Facts You Might Not Know 1

friesian horse tips

Friesian horses are a rare and beautiful breed. Gentle and elegant, they leave all those in their presence in awe. While most notably recognized for their shiny black coat, there are plenty of other Friesian horse interesting facts to be recognized....