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Dogs — Video

Watch As Mishka The Husky Imitates A Baby! 0

husky imitating baby

Everyone meet Mishka the Husky! She wants to talk to her baby human sister so much that she starts imitating her every word!

Husky Imitates Baby Video

Mishka is certainly...

A Bulldog On A Rocking Horse 0

bulldog on rocking horse

Who doesn't love an adorable English bulldog? What about an adorable bulldog on a rocking horse? Believe it or not, that is actually a thing. Meet Dave - the rocking horse riding dog!

A Bulldog...

11 Adorably Cute Dog GIFs 0


What’s more irresistible than a dog being funny and silly? Not much! It’s even better when you catch your dog in the act of being a goofball and immortalize the moment forever with a GIF. We’ve gathered some of the cutest dog clips around…because nothing’s cuter than a dog...

Puppy with Hiccups 0

puppy with hiccups

Ever come across a puppy with hiccups before? They are so cute and adorable! Here is a list of video, each presenting a puppy with hiccups.


1. Our number one puppy with hiccups is Buck! ...He thinks he can scare the hiccups out of...

8 Classic Stupid Dog Tricks 0


The Stupid Pet Tricks segment on the David Letterman Show goes way back 30 years to the 1980s. With Dave retiring soon, it’s a perfect time to look back at some of the classics. If you’re too young to remember the hysterically funny early segments, take a...