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Grain Free Dog Treat Recipes 0

Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

Dogs love their treats just as much as people do. Treats contain ingredients that aren't always in commercial dog food. Dogs don't get a treat with every meal, and some don't get them every day, so they're special like chocolate is to us. On...

How to Find the Perfect Dog Fitness Tracker 0

Dog Fitness Tracker

Dog fitness trackers, also called activity monitors, are becoming increasingly popular. Like fitness trackers for people, the canine version is great for tracking your dog’s daily activity. They attach to your dog’s collar and send lots...

18 Tips on How to Introduce Your Dog to Other Dogs 0

how to introduce your dog to other dogs

Are you bringing a new dog (or puppy) into a home that already has one or more dogs living in it? Or maybe you just want things to go smoothly when you introduce your dog to...

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6 Dog Park Etiquette Tips You Need To Know 0

dog park etiquette

After a long cold winter, lots of dogs and their humans have cabin fever and are eager to get to the dog park for some springtime play. Here are some basic dog park etiquette tips that every good dog and human should know.

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6 Tips on How to Bike With A Dog Safely 0

how to bike with a dog safely

 It’s always more fun to take your dog with you when you go out for a walk, or hike, or jog…but what about biking? Cycling with your dog is great, but there are some special tips on...

Preventing and Treating Heatstroke in Dogs 0

Ever heard of heatstroke in dogs? Everyone knows dogs and hot cars don’t mix, and that you should never leave your dog in the car on a warm day, even parked in the shade with the windows open. Dogs can also get overheated in the car in cold weather if...