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6 Things Only A Crazy Dog Lady Would Understand 0

crazy dog lady

Are you a crazy dog lady? You’re not alone! Be proud of your love for your dog and see how many of these doggy things you’ve done. Here are 6 things that only crazy dog ladies will understand:


  • Aaron Seminoff
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Watch As Mishka The Husky Imitates A Baby! 0

husky imitating baby

Everyone meet Mishka the Husky! She wants to talk to her baby human sister so much that she starts imitating her every word!

Husky Imitates Baby Video

Mishka is certainly...

A Bulldog On A Rocking Horse 0

bulldog on rocking horse

Who doesn't love an adorable English bulldog? What about an adorable bulldog on a rocking horse? Believe it or not, that is actually a thing. Meet Dave - the rocking horse riding dog!

A Bulldog...

Stephen King’s Corgi Molly Takes Over Twitter! 0


Attention dog lovers!  If you’re not already one of Stephen King’s many Twitter followers, you may want to head over to his Twitter account and check out his adorable Corgi pup Molly, aka the Thing of Evil.  We think he might...

11 Adorably Cute Dog GIFs 0


What’s more irresistible than a dog being funny and silly? Not much! It’s even better when you catch your dog in the act of being a goofball and immortalize the moment forever with a GIF. We’ve gathered some of the cutest dog clips around…because nothing’s cuter than a dog...

10 Seriously Cute Corgi Puppy Pictures 1


What is it about corgi puppies that’s so over the top cute? Maybe an easier question would be what’s not cute about them? Short stubby legs, pudgy little wiggle butts, big bat ears, and the sweetest faces in all of dogdom. Enjoy these pictures of corgi...