Winter Bird Feeding Tips


Don’t you love sitting out on your back patio in the warm weather listening to birds chirping and watching them fly around the yard?  You may not be spending too much time in your garden in the cold, snowy months of winter, but that doesn’t mean your local birds won’t be around.  Are there any special tips animal lovers should know about to help keep birds happy and healthy in wintertime?  Bird experts say yes.  Here are a few things you need to know about winter bird feeding.



Dormant plant and insect life in the winter months means that birds who live in cold climates need a little extra help finding food.  Backyard bird feeders are especially important in the wintertime.



What should you put in your winter feeder?  Experts say that black oil sunflower seeds are liked by a large variety of birds.  They are packed with nutrients and fat for the harsh days of winter.  Besides sunflower seeds, you can also put out corn, millet, and safflower and Nyger (aka thistle) seeds.



Don’t forget about water for drinking and bathing during the winter months.  Get a shallow birdbath and make sure the water is fresh and clean.



Bird feeders should be placed near trees and shrubs, about 10 feet away, and not out in the open.  The best choice is near evergreens because they provide warmth and shelter in winter.  Keep multiple feeders several feet away from each other, and remember to keep your feeders clean, and stored food clean and dry.


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  • Jennifer Boaro
    Jennifer Boaro

    I never thought to place water in winter, but mammals need it, so obviously birds would, too!

  • VIrginia

    Thank you for your suggestions. Good helpful tips.

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