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UK Pet Survey Provides Eye-Opening Look at Dog and Cat People

UK Pet Survey Provides Eye-Opening Look at Dog and Cat People


A recent survey of 1,500 dog and cat owners in the UK provides an interesting glimpse into the lives of dog and cat people. Are you a stereotypical dog person or cat person? The findings of this survey indicate that some pet owner stereotypes may just be backed up by the data. Here are some of the more interesting findings, summarized by the Telegraph newspaper.



Dog owners tend to have higher incomes than cat owners (27,000 pounds annually vs. 24,000 pounds).

Cat owners are more likely to live alone and less likely to be married than dog owners (55% vs. 60% in the marriage department).



Dog owners have more friends (including online friends) than cat owners (15 vs.12 “real” friends and 60 vs. 50 “virtual” friends respectively).

Dog owners spend more money on their pets than cat owners (60 pounds per month vs. 47 pounds per month).



These numbers make sense in the context of lifestyle differences between dog and cat owners. If you’re young, single, just starting out in your career, and renting a small apartment, a cat is a much more logical choice for a pet than a dog. If you own a home with a yard, and are married with kids, a dog just might be the perfect choice for you.


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