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The Heartwarming Story of Timber:  A Shelter Rescue Dog

The Heartwarming Story of Timber: A Shelter Rescue Dog


Check out this incredibly moving dog adoption success story by YouTuber PowerofChi, which proves that anyone can truly make a difference and transform the life of an abandoned shelter dog.  Chi saw an online photo of a lovely Husky up for adoption at a local shelter.  While he was making his final decision, that dog was quickly adopted by someone else.

A shelter staff member asked him if he was interested in the “other Husky.”  He went back to see Timber, a sad, scared dog that had been overlooked by him and other potential adopters before.  Timber had incredibly sad eyes, and his physical and emotional state indicated that he had suffered serious abuse in the past.  Chi took Timber home and over a period of many months, watched Timber change from a timid, fearful dog into a sweet and loving companion.

Here’s the heartwarming rescue story of Timber…just grab those tissues first!



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Patti - April 29, 2017

I am just curious if Timber showed any interest in people or was just totally scared. We came across a pup in a shelter that pulled our heart strings but wanted nothing to do with people at all would run away, so just curious

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