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6 Unusual Animal Friendship Videos 3

unusual animal frienships videos


There’s something special about seeing different species of animals interacting with each other in a loving way. Enjoy these heartwarming videos of some very affectionate animal friends.


1. Elephant and Dog



5 Heartwarming Videos Of Firefighters Saving Dogs And Cats 0

firefighter saves dog

Firefighters do some pretty brave and heroic things to save human lives, but they also go to extraordinary measures to save the lives of dogs, cats, and other animals in fires and other emergency situations. Watch these inspiring videos of firefighters...

4 Videos Of Adorable Cats Annoying Dogs 0

cats annoying dogs

Get your kitten fix with these videos of some very curious cats annoying dogs (very big dogs). Anyone who’s ever had an annoying younger sibling can relate..

cat annoying dogRead More

Rescue Pig and Her Babies Enjoy Their First Taste of Freedom 0


What could be cuter than a bunch of baby piglets with a case of the friskies romping around on a farm?  This video showing 6 adorable baby pigs and their mom isn’t just cute…it also represents a victory for a group of animal advocates in the...

60 Minutes Documents the Incredible Rescue of Abused Circus Lions 0


The CBS News program 60 Minutes recently aired a heartbreaking segment about the sad lives of performing circus lions that every animal lover needs to watch.  The show documented the rescue of a group of over 30 abused lions that had been performing in grim traveling...

Video: Wildlife Filmmakers Dedicated to Saving Big Cats 0


If you’re a fan of National Geographic nature shows, you’re already familiar with the noted wildlife filmmakers and conservationists Dereck and Beverly Joubert.  The Jouberts are based in Africa and have spent many years filming the wildlife all around them…especially African big cats.  If you can’t...