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Meet One Very Demanding Kitty 0


Meet Nala, a five year old cat from Norway who can't quite come to terms with the fact that her humans may want to do other things besides pay attention to her.  It is hard to ignore this cute, fluffy girl, a Norwegian Forest Cat and Maine...

Cats Ruining Yoga Workout Videos 0


What is it about yoga and cats? Sometimes, cats and yoga go together perfectly. Take this example of the partnership between an animal shelter and a yoga studio, where adoptable cats and yoga practitioners enjoy each other’s company. But sometimes, cats...

10 Cutest Dog GIFs 0

Enjoy these adorable dogs and puppies doing some ridiculously cute things!


1. Look out!







2. Cuddly Samoyed




3. Short Legs and Deep Snow


Funny cats and dogs videos: Cats Giving Dogs a Hard Time 0

funny cats and dogs videos

For a doze of laughter this week, here are some funny cats and dogs videos

Here are some very perplexed dogs who can’t quite figure out why these stubborn cats have taken over their doggy beds.



6 Cute Cat Videos of Cats Who Have a Lot to Say 0

 A cat’s meow may not be as loud as a dog’s bark, but cats can say plenty when they feel like it. Here are a few cute cat videos of some very talkative cats.


The Two Talking Cats 

With over 59...

12 Cute Animal GIFs 0

Having a bad day and need some cute and funny animal GIFs to cheer you up? Look no further, we have what you’re looking for right here.  Enjoy these cute pets!