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8 Dog Breeds with the Cutest Puppies 0

And now for your daily dose of squee…presenting a totally subjective list of dog breeds that have the cutest puppies!



No offense to the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, but the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is hard to beat for sheer puppy cuteness.


German Shepherd


Road Trip! Is Your Dog Travel-Ready? 0

Planning a vacation that includes your dog? It’s fun to travel with your best friend, but it does take a little preparation before you go. Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you get ready to take a trip with your dog, so you can both enjoy the...

What’s the Deal with Fake Service Dogs? 1


Did you know that more and more people are pretending that their pet dogs are service dogs in order to gain access and privileges normally reserved for legitimate service dogs? Unfortunately it’s all too easy to download fake service dog vests and certificates from the Internet...