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Calico Girls and Orange Boys: Cat Color Genetics 0

What does a cat’s sex and coat color have to do with genetics? Everything! A quick overview of cat colors is an easy way to understand how genetic traits are passed along.


Any cat person can tell you that orange cats are usually male and tortoiseshell/calico cats...

Sure Signs That Your Pet Really Loves You 1


Your pet thinks that you’re pretty awesome, of course. But just in case you were wondering how you can know for sure, check out these videos of some animals who are crazy about their people.


The cats in this video compilation make it clear that they...

Tips on Caring for Your Senior Cat 1


Aging is a natural part of life, and cats, as individuals, experience old age in different ways. Cats can live to 20 years, although the average lifespan is usually in the teens. When your cat reaches the age of 8 or 9, you can expect to see...

Feeding Tips to Help Maintain Your Pet’s Ideal Weight 0


We love our fur kids more than anything, and sometimes it’s hard to resist those cute faces when they beg for treats, but pet owners should always remember that food does not equal love. Our pets would prefer our attention and affection over a treat, even if...

Funny cats and dogs videos: Cats Giving Dogs a Hard Time 0

funny cats and dogs videos

For a doze of laughter this week, here are some funny cats and dogs videos

Here are some very perplexed dogs who can’t quite figure out why these stubborn cats have taken over their doggy beds.



June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month 0


With kitten season in full swing, summer is the perfect time to give a loving forever home to a shelter cat or kitten. It’s hard to resist all those cute faces, but before you adopt, make sure you are ready to take on the responsibility of...

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