Scientists Seek to Decipher the Meaning of Your Cat’s Meow


Did you know that in the wild only kittens meow and adult cats seldom if ever meow at each other? Cats who live with humans continue to meow throughout their adult lives, mostly as a way of communicating with us. Ask anyone who lives with a cat and they’ll tell you about the conversations they have with their fur kids, and the quirky vocalizations that are unique to their individual kitties.


Swedish scientists are embarking on a new study that seeks to unlock the meaning behind your cat’s meow. A bunch of Swedish cats and their humans will participate in this study, with the goal of understanding the many vocalizations of the domestic cat. In an interview with National Geographic, the lead researcher explains that she hopes to decipher not just what the different sounds mean, but if the way we talk to them influences how they respond to us.


She also hopes to gain insight into the way human accents and speech patterns influence how their cats meow. Cats from different geographic regions will be studied so that the influence of their humans’ speaking styles on kitty meowing styles can be understood.


Check out this cute video about the study from National Geographic:




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