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“Puppuccino Pals” Program Helps Shelter Dogs Find New Homes

“Puppuccino Pals” Program Helps Shelter Dogs Find New Homes


The Kitsap Humane Society in Washington has developed an incredibly creative way to give their shelter dogs a treat and expose them to lots of potential adopters at the same time. Introducing the “Puppuccino Pals” program! Volunteer Molly Clark has begun taking the pups for a ride in her car to the local Starbucks, getting them a “puppuccino” (whipped cream in a small cup) and then taking the most adorable pictures of them happily lapping up their treats, which she then posts on Instagram.



Yes, the pictures are just as irresistibly cute as you can imagine! Cheers to Molly and the good folks at Kitsap Humane for coming up with this brilliant idea…you can read the full story on their website HERE.


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