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New Puppy Shopping List

New Puppy Shopping List


Is a new puppy in your future?  It’s never too early to start planning for your furry bundle of joy.  What are the essential new puppy supplies you should have ready at home before your new puppy arrives?  There are lots of checklists out there, but not all of them are created by expert veterinarians.

We found a great new puppy checklist that includes commentary from a real vet.  Here’s a quick summary of the essential puppy supplies you should shop for…be sure to check out the full article on!



Chew Toys

Your teething puppy will need to satisfy her urge to chew.  Puppy-friendly chew toys should be smaller and softer than adult chew toys.  Puppy teeth can break on very hard toys, so look for chew toys with a bit of give for mouthy pups.  Keep an eye on the condition of the toys and quickly remove any broken pieces to prevent swallowing.


Look for puppy food that is a good match for your puppy’s age and size.  Talk to your vet about what to feed your large breed puppy, as proper bone growth is especially important for these big guys.  Generally, puppy food needs to provide good nutrition for those rapid growth months, but shouldn’t pack on too many pounds.


Treats are great for positive reinforcement during training, or just to generally give your puppy something to smile about.  Feed treats in moderation; small sized ones are best.



Crate and Bed

Crates are a must-have for new puppies, both to protect your house from messes when you’re not around, and to aid in training.  Put soft bedding in the crate and get your puppy used to sleeping there.

Collar and Leash

These are among the most important supplies you will be buying.  Short leashes are best for puppies in training.  Wait until your puppy grows up before using long, retractable ones.  Collars should be small enough to fit around your puppy’s neck without slipping, but large enough for you to fit a couple of fingers underneath.  Collars are like kids’ shoes…you’ll need to buy bigger ones as your puppy grows.

Grooming Supplies

If you’re planning on washing your puppy at home, look for a dog shampoo designed for pups with sensitive skin.  Brushes work well for most dogs, although you can also look for good quality steel combs for long-haired breeds.  And don’t forget the doggy toothbrush and toothpaste!



Carrier and Seat Belt

A travel carrier can be a smart purchase for puppies and small adult dogs, especially if you’re planning on airline travel or road trips.  Consider getting a dog seat belt to secure larger dogs in the car.  You can also use seat belts to secure carriers.

Pet-Safe Cleaning Supplies

Your puppy is bound to have some accidents in the house during the training process.  Make sure to look for pet-safe cleaning supplies.  Cleaners with enzymes will help with urine stains on the carpet.


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