How Your Little Kitty Can Help Endangered Big Cats


National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative supports scientists and conservationists working to save big cats in the wild in Africa and elsewhere around the world.  Since its founding in 2009, the Big Cats Initiative has helped support over 80 projects working to protect 7 different big cat species in 27 countries.  How can you and your very own kitty help save big cats?  Read on…


Big cats in the wild face threats from loss of habitat as well as from conflicts with humans.  Besides trophy hunting, big cats are also killed by humans when they prey upon a community’s cows, goats, and other livestock.  The Initiative’s “Build a Boma” campaign assists livestock herders in Africa protect their animals from lion predation by helping them build sturdy, traditional livestock enclosures called bomas.  Less livestock lost to big cats means less lions killed by humans in retaliation. 


So how can your little cat help?  The Big Cats Initiative’s “Little Kitties for Big Cats” program is an easy way to help big cats and show off your own cat’s charm and good looks at the same time.  A $5 donation lets you upload a picture of your cat to the National Geographic website, where cat lovers like you can browse photos of lots of beautiful cats.  Your very own cat could also be featured as Little Kitty of the Week!


Check out all of the adorable Little Kitties (nearly 4,000 and counting) HERE.


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