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How to Walk Your Dog Like a Pro This Winter

How to Walk Your Dog Like a Pro This Winter


Going for a walk with your dog sounds pretty simple, right?  We agree, but there are certain situations that require a little extra preparation…like when you need to take your dog out for important doggy business in the middle of a winter snowstorm!  Here’s some great winter dog walking advice from the experts at Vetstreet…perfect for any first-time dog parent or newcomer to a cold climate!



  • Before you dress your dog in winter gear, make sure you are wearing suitably warm and waterproof shoes, coat, hat, and gloves.
  • Should you put a jacket on your dog? The experts say yes, especially if your dog is very old, very young, small in size, or has a short coat.  Choose a waterproof dog coat to go out in really bad weather.
  • Keep your dog’s paws warm and protected with booties or a balm or wax you can apply to your dog’s feet.



  • Trade in that retractable leash for a non-retractable one. You might even want a runner’s leash that attaches to your body, in case you slip and fall in the ice and lose your grip.
  • Try attaching the leash to a sturdy harness instead of a collar for more control.
  • Keep a close eye and firm grip on your dog around water…both liquid and frozen. Cold water can cause hypothermia, and seemingly sold ice can break, causing your dog to fall through.



  • Wash your dog’s paws when you return from a walk. Clean off any road salts and deicing chemicals before your dog has a chance to lick them off.
  • Listen to your dog. Keep walks to a minimum during the harshest winter weather if your dog begins to shiver, cower, or turn back towards home.


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