How to Make Sure Your Hotel is Pet-Friendly


Planning a trip with your dog (or cat)?  One of the most important travel arrangements you’ll need to make is booking a pet-friendly hotel.  Many hotels will accept pets in the room, even if they don’t specifically advertise themselves as pet-friendly.  What are the best ways to make sure that you and your four-legged companions end up in a great place?  Here are a few common-sense tips.



Whether you book a room in a large hotel chain, independent boutique hotel, or even a bed & breakfast, the best way to be 100% sure that your pet will be welcome is to call the hotel location you will be staying at and talk one-on-one with a manager to verify that pets are welcome.  This is important not just for independent places, but even for big chains that say they are pet-friendly.  Why?  While a company’s overall policy may be to accept pets, some chains are operated as franchises, so the owner of an individual location may have their own unique rules regarding number, size, and type of pets.



Although calling a hotel is the safest way to ensure that you are booking a genuinely pet-friendly place, it’s also worthwhile to spend some time reading through a hotel’s website and checking their reviews from former guests with pets.  Some websites have sections that outline the details of their pet policy, so it’s a good idea to compare what you’re told or see on a website with what you read in reviews.



Reviews are a great way to gauge how other pet owners really feel about a particular hotel.  People love to complain when things go wrong, and unfortunately, some people’s pet-related travel experiences are not good.  You’ll be forewarned about any potential problems, like if a hotel’s pet-friendly rooms are also smoking rooms (yes, this can happen), or just generally the least desirable rooms in the place.



It’s also a good idea to map out any potential hotel choices and look for other pet-friendly amenities in the immediate area.  Will you feel safe in the hotel’s neighborhood when you walk your dog after midnight?  Are there any pet-friendly restaurants, bars, parks, beaches, and trails nearby?  A little planning can go a long way to ensuring that you and your pet have a happy vacation!


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