How to Keep Track of Pet Food Recalls


Did you know that there can be a dozen or more different pet food and treat recalls in the U.S. every month?  How can concerned dog and cat owners keep track of them all?  The American Veterinary Medical Association does a great job monitoring all of the pet food safety recalls and alerts put out by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as well as by the manufacturers themselves.  Here are some AVMA Internet resources that you need to bookmark now!



Animal Food Recalls and Alerts : This page keeps a running record of all pet food and treat recalls and alerts over the past 90 days.  You can also go back as far as 365 days, too.  This page also tells you how you can report an adverse event related to pet food, vaccines, and medications (including flea and tick products) to the proper authorities.



AVMA Recall Watch : Follow this Twitter feed to stay up to date on all the latest pet food and treat recall notices monitored by the AVMA.  This is a practical, no-nonsense site that posts nothing but recall information.



Product Safety Recalls and Alerts :  The AVMA also maintains a page that is devoted to informing pet owners and veterinary professionals about recalls and alerts related to animal health products such as vaccines, drugs, and even medical devices used by veterinarians.



Jerky Treat Safety Alert :  The health hazards of chicken jerky treats for pets made in China, or made in the U.S. with ingredients sourced from China, has been in the news in recent years.  Check out this page if you’re interested in keeping up with the AVMA’s latest information and updates on this topic.


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