Help Your Pets Stay Warm During the Cold Winter Months


Winter can be a difficult time for dogs, cats, and other pets.  Even animals with the furriest coats need to be protected from the harshest winter weather.  Experts recommend keeping your cats indoors.  Outdoor cats have been known to crawl into very dangerous places, like your car’s engine compartment, to stay warm.  While your dogs need to go outside to do their important doggy business, not to mention the fact that many dogs love to romp and play in the snow, there are easy ways you can make sure your pets stay as warm as possible.



Here are a few simple but important tips on keeping your pets warm in the cold weather, courtesy of the veterinary experts at U-C Davis School of Veterinary Medicine:


  • Have a towel handy to dry your dogs’ paws after they come in from the ice and snow.
  • Keep baths to a minimum during the cold weather. Frequent baths deplete the essential oils in your pet’s fur.  You’ll also need to be extra careful in drying them off completely, especially if they are going outside.
  • Get your dogs used to wearing booties on their feet to protect sensitive paws on winter walks.



  • Continue to keep your dogs and cats at a healthy weight in winter. Cold weather is not a good reason for them to pack on extra body fat.
  • Use your own reaction to the cold as a guide to how your pets feel. If you feel uncomfortable (even bundled up) chances are they do too.


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