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Does Your Dog Know Words?  Yale Researchers Want to Know!

Does Your Dog Know Words? Yale Researchers Want to Know!


Is your dog a smarty pants? The researchers at the Canine Cognition Center at Yale University are interested to learn more about the unique talents of your dog. If you live near Yale, you can officially sign your dog up to be a participant in on-site Canine Cognition Center studies by clicking HERE. Don’t live near Yale? No problem, the folks at the Center are eager to hear from you about the words your dog understands.


The Canine Cognition Center is launching a new study that will seek to understand how dogs learn new words they’ve never heard before. Does your dog know the names of two or more specific objects, such as her favorite toys? If so, you can participate in an online survey about your dog that will help them with the study.


Click HERE to participate in the online survey. You’ll be asked a few simple questions about your dog’s understanding of the words for tangible objects like toys, bowls, or types of food. They’re also interested in knowing if your dog understands special names for things (i.e. calling a toy “Mr. Squeaky Butt”).


Hey, now you can brag about how smart your dog is AND contribute to scientific research at the same time!


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