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Cats Take Over London Tube Station!

Cats Take Over London Tube Station!


The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service, also known as CATS, has completed its first mission to take over the Clapham Commons station of London’s subway system.  No, you won’t find cats running around on the loose, but you will find dozens of captivating pictures of adoptable cats waiting for their new forever homes.



CATS is the inaugural crowdfunding campaign of an exciting creative collective called Glimpse.  Glimpse’s mission is to use the power of creativity for good.  They raised over 20,000 pounds from around 700 individual donors via Kickstarter.  The goal?  To purchase all of the advertising space at the tube station—68 large advertising boards—for a period of two weeks.



Glimpse artists have created bold, beautiful images of these homeless cats…guaranteed to capture the attention (and hopefully the hearts) of countless commuters as they come and go through the station. 


Click HERE for a short BBC News video on the CATS project!


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Images via Glimpse.


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