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All About Dogs:  10 Fun Facts For Dog Lovers

All About Dogs: 10 Fun Facts For Dog Lovers


We can’t help it…us dog lovers pride ourselves on our knowledge about dogs. If you had all the dog books at your school library pretty much memorized when you were a kid, you might already know some of these fascinating canine facts. If not, check out just a few of the many reasons why we love dogs.


1. Sniffer dogs have been put to work rooting out pirated DVDs by training them to smell the polycarbonate material used to manufacture counterfeit discs.



2. U.S. President Franklin Pierce was one of the earliest “teacup” dog owners after Commodore Matthew Perry gave him a pair of Japanese Chins as a gift. In the 1800s toy dogs were also called “sleeve” dogs.

3. Some dogs dislike going for a walk in the rain, not because they don’t want to get wet, but because they have sensitive hearing and rain amplifies sounds, making some dogs upset.

4. Around 1 million U.S. dogs have been named as the primary beneficiary of their owners’ wills.



5. Abraham Lincoln’s dog Fido was the first presidential dog to be photographed. Shortly after Lincoln’s assassination, Fido was stabbed and killed by a man on the street.

6. Dogs spend 50% of their time asleep, 30% awake but inactive, and 20% awake and active.


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7. In the early 1900s, pit bulls were called “nanny dogs” because they were famous for their love and protection of young children.



8. The act of chewing releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins in your dog’s brain.

9. Humans have bred a huge amount of skull shape diversity into dogs over the years, primarily to emphasize certain traits like smell, vision, and bite.



10. The ancient Egyptians trained both dogs and baboons to assist members of the police force on the job.


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