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Adorable Video:  Tiny Rescue Kitten Grows Up

Adorable Video: Tiny Rescue Kitten Grows Up


What do you name a teeny-weeny orphan kitten who you just rescued?  How about Tidbit?!  We dare you not to smile when you see this video about little Tidbit.  Did you know that orphaned kittens are among the most vulnerable animals in shelters?  That’s why they need lots of TLC from dedicated foster parents.  Consider fostering a little baby like Tidbit when kitten season rolls around this spring…you don’t need a lot of space, and many shelters and rescue groups will give you the supplies you need to get started. 



This video is from the incredibly addictive YouTube channel Kitten Lady.  Kitten Lady is an amazing advocacy organization that saves homeless kittens and provides educational resources for anyone interested in learning how to care for these sweet little guys.  Be sure to check out the Kitten Lady website to learn more!




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