Abandoned Newborn Puppy Gets Second Chance at Life


An adorably tiny newborn puppy was found abandoned on the street in Romania.  This sweet little orphan (named Joy) was hand-raised and bottle-fed by some very dedicated rescuers.  Watch as this heartwarming video traces Joy’s progress…from helpless newborn to playful toddler…and then to a very happy ending.  A family in the Netherlands heard about Joy and drove across Europe to adopt him!  Joy has grown into one very happy and handsome pup.



This video was made by Joy’s rescuers, Howl of a Dog, an amazing non-profit that rescues homeless dogs from the streets and shelters of Romania.  They also work to stop dog overpopulation by educating the next generation about the importance of spay/neuter.  You can check out more rescue success stories on their YouTube channel.




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