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Animal Shelter Finds New Way to Save the Lives of Homeless Cats

Animal Shelter Finds New Way to Save the Lives of Homeless Cats



The SpokAnimal Inland Northwest Humane Society in Spokane, Washington has come up with an innovative way to save the lives of shelter cats facing euthanasia. Introducing the Farm Livin’ program! The Farm Livin’ program was created in 2009 to save homeless shelter cats by placing them with area farms to provide rodent control for local farmers. Farmers can apply to rescue a shelter cat and provide it with a barn home…and a job as rodent catcher!



The cats are all vaccinated, spayed and neutered, and arrive at their new homes with a bag of cat food. The farmers agree to provide the cats with indoor shelter, and supplement their mouse diets with cat food. Many of the cats in the program are strays or ferals that are used to independent living and limited contact with people.



The Farm Livin’ program has so far saved the lives of over 1,700 shelter cats facing euthanasia.


25% of all cat tee proceeds go to animal shelters and rescue groups!


Check out this VIDEO featuring cat expert Jackson Galaxy to learn more about the Farm Livin' program!


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