Pebble the F-Bomb Dropping Cockatoo Hates Round Cages!


Pebble the Cockatoo is a charming rescue bird with Saskatoon Parrot Rescue in Canada. One day, another rescue bird named Jojo came to the organization with his cage. Jojo’s cage was round…a major problem, as many pet bird experts will tell you. Round cages are bad for birds for a number of reasons. Birds feel less safe and secure in a round cage than they do in one with corners and angles. Their feathers and wings are also more likely to rub against the bars of a round cage, leading to damage. A rescue worker crushed Jojo’s cage and Pebble started cursing a blue streak about effing round cages!  Check out the awesome video from Saskatoon Parrot Rescue’s YouTube channel MegaBirdCrazy here (NSFW!):

Warning: Extreme profanity.



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