Why Adopting a Black Cat is an Awesome Thing to Do


Is it really true that cats with all-black fur have a harder time getting adopted than lighter-colored cats? Seems hard to believe, but the statistics show that blacks cats do have it rough when it comes to finding their forever homes. Sadly, black cats have lower adoption rates and higher euthanasia rates than cats with lighter-colored coats, or black fur mixed with other colors like white. Why is this?


Do old-fashioned superstitions about black cats have anything to do with this phenomenon?


Possibly, but animal welfare experts suspect that there are other factors that go into low adoption rates. According to the website Kindness for Cats, there may be other reasons. A shy black cat who hides in the back of her kennel may be harder to see and can get overlooked by potential adopters.

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Black cats sometimes do not photograph as well as lighter-colored cats…an important factor, given the popularity of browsing for pets on the web.


Sadly, some rescue groups will choose lighter-colored cats when looking for animals to take out of shelters, because they know black cats can be harder to place.


Are you thinking about adopting a new cat or kitten? Make sure to spend time with all the available cats at your local shelter and choose the cat with the personality that most appeals to you…regardless of fur color.


Everyone knows that all cats are beautiful…on the inside and the outside!




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  • Kat Sartor
    Kat Sartor

    I adopted 2 black cats – have had many different coloured cats in my life but the black ies are definitely the smartest and most loving ones of all – not “bad luck”, but “bad-ass”!

  • Edith Pollitz
    Edith Pollitz

    My gorgeous black longhair, Jefferson, lived the first 6 years of his life at the Leon County Humane Society, a very good, kind no-kill organization. They found him as a 4-week-old kitten on Jefferson Street, and named him for it. He’s shy, and he was born in October and has “fangs” so every day is Halloween for Jefferson. But, he’s a sweet, gentle creature, and I love him dearly.

  • Cris

    I love black cats and have rescued two! I believe that black cats choose their owners…

  • Argyjr

    We adopted a black kitten from a friend’s litter. She’s the sweetest cat! I’m amazed that people are dumb enough to still have a superstition like this.

  • Michelle Muise
    Michelle Muise

    I understand this issue to be true and so I have had 1 black cat, who was the most active and personality-filled kitty in the adoption centre. After she passed away I made it a point to adopt black… I now have 2 black cats who are the love of my life, and I tell them that they’ll only ever know love and warmth and caring and nothing else. Their beautiful eyes stand out even more beautifully against a carpet of black, and oh how their glossy coat shines in the sunlight. The most beautiful cats ever. You’ll never regret saving one of these lives! Do it!

  • Sun Stars
    Sun Stars

    I recently adopted an 11 year old black cat from the shelter she had been in for nearly 2 years. When we took her in to the vet there for a check up they were amazed at how she’d changed. They had bets on how long before someone would bring her back because she’s slow to warm up and likes to stay to herself. She is not a lap kitty and can be a bit anti social. But all she needed was someone to love her and let her do things at her pace. She now cuddles all night and even let’s me hold her from time to time. She isn’t scared anymore and doesn’t flinch when we pet her now. My Morticia is a beautiful soul and I’m so thankful she chose me to receive the affection she gives.

  • Natalie

    I adopted two kittens 3 years ago and one of them was black. I wish I knew about the statistics at that time,so I’d have got home with two black kittens.
    The one I have now is my little panther/ninja,very sweet baby and my nap partner :)

  • Bridget

    We always try to adopt black cats. They seem exceptionally smart to us. Maybe that’s why people are afraid. They are the best though!

  • deanne

    black cats are AWESOME !!!!! my family has had black cats as family members for 5 generations. I cant even imagine not having such a beautiful creature as part of my life.

  • Roberto Luongo
    Roberto Luongo

    Black cats have the best personalities !!!
    Black cats are the best !

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