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A Quick and Dirty Guide to Keeping Your Dog Neat and Clean

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Keeping Your Dog Neat and Clean


Dog owners can have a lot of questions when it comes to grooming their dog… What can you do at home and what should you leave to the professional groomers? What type of grooming does your dog need and how often should you do it? …You get the idea. Here are a few simple tips on keeping your dog neat and clean, courtesy of the website


Brushing: Dogs with long coats can benefit from a daily brushing. Dogs with smooth coats will enjoy being stroked while you wear a grooming mitt. Daily grooming not only keeps their coats in good condition, it’s also a good way to check for fleas and ticks.


Tooth Brushing: Make sure your dog’s teeth get brushed at least once a week with a toothpaste and toothbrush made especially for dogs. Chew toys can also help keep your dog’s teeth in good shape.


Bathing: A once a month bath will help your dog’s skin and coat look and feel their best. Some dogs with skin allergies can benefit from more frequent baths. Talk to your vet about the best shampoos for allergic dogs.


Nail Trimming: Plan on trimming your dog’s nails with clippers every couple of months. Be careful not to get too close to the quick (the pink part at the base of the nail) which can bleed if nicked.


Hair Trimming: Give your dog a haircut every three months or so. You’ll know it’s time when hair begins to grow over the eyes and feet, and the old haircut has lost its overall shape.


Grooming at home is easy when you have the right tools and are comfortable using them. It also helps if your dog is calm at grooming time. Take your dog to the pros if you don’t have the right equipment or aren’t sure how to use grooming tools properly. Dogs who get scared by grooming are best handled by a professional…or two, if necessary!




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