Tips on Medicating Your Cat


Oh no, you just got back from the vet with a new medication you have to give your cat…Dosing a cat with drugs in either solid or liquid form is not much fun, but there are a few tips to keep in mind to make giving medicine to your cat easier for the both of you. Sometimes it helps to have a little help from a friend to hold your cat while you administer the medicine, but it can be done by one person with the right technique. Remember to be gentle but firm when dosing a cat. It’s not a good idea to try to hide medicine in your cat’s food because she is likely to smell it and refuse to eat the food.


Pills: It’s helpful to have a friend or family member assist you when it’s time to pill your cat. Your friend should hold the cat with both hands around the body. You can hold the head from above with fingers behind the face with one hand, while you gently press a finger on your cat’s lower jaw to open the mouth. Place the pill on the tongue as far back as you can. Close the cat’s mouth and gently pet the throat to encourage swallowing.


When alone, a calm cat can be placed on a table and you can do the head-holding and pilling procedure yourself. A reluctant cat can be wrapped in a towel to calm him. Scruff your cat at the back of the neck and wrap the towel around the cat, keeping the head out.


If your cat is very difficult to handle, talk to your vet about using a pill dosing gun, which uses a plunger to shoot the pill towards the back of your cat’s mouth with a little water.


Liquids: Your vet will give you a syringe to administer liquid medication to your cat. Slowly squirt the liquid into the side of your cat’s mouth (not the front). It’s important to do it slowly so that the liquid doesn’t come out of the mouth or go down the wrong pipe.


Injections: Some cats require home injections, such as daily treatment for diabetes. You will get a supply of sterile syringes along with the medicine from your vet. Pull up the loose skin on the back of your cat’s neck until it forms a “tent.”   Insert the needle under this loose skin and slowly inject the medicine.




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