The 5 Most Common Toxins for Dogs


What common household items are the most dangerous for your dog? The Pet Poison Helpline analyzed their call records and found that the most frequent calls about dogs ingesting poisons fell into 5 main categories. Check out this list to make sure that these everyday items are kept in a safe and secure spot, out of reach of your curious dog.


Human Medications: Prescription and over-the-counter human medications account for a big percentage of helpline calls. Some of the drugs most frequently called about include antidepressants and pain medications.


Human Foods: The hotline also gets a large number of calls when family dogs eat inappropriate human foods. The biggest culprits are: chocolate, foods containing the sweetener xylitol, as well as raisins, grapes, nuts, salt, bread dough, garlic, and onions.


Insecticides: Bug killers in all forms pose a hazard to dogs. This includes sprays, granules, and bait traps. Certain insecticides are more harmful than others. The helpline notes that products containing organophosphates are particularly dangerous.


Rodenticides: Rat and mouse poisons contain many ingredients that are toxic to dogs. Symptoms can be very severe, and very few of these poisons have a proven antidote. Keep rodenticides (and dead rodents that may have been poisoned) away from your dog.


Human Vitamins and Supplements: Some of the daily supplements on your kitchen counter can pose a danger to your dog. While some are relatively safe, others can be more hazardous. These include iron, vitamin D, and alpha-lipoic acid. Also, don’t forget that many sugar-free vitamins will contain xylitol.




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