Pet Weight Loss Tips


Does your New Year’s resolution for 2016 include shedding a few unwanted pounds gained over the holidays? Don’t forget about your pet’s health this New Year’s too! Pet obesity is a big problem in the U.S. and can lead to chronic illness for your dog or cat and significant, ongoing veterinary expenses for you. Here are a few simple tips to help your pet stay fit and trim in 2016!


Incorporate more active play and exercise into your pet’s daily routine. This can be as simple as adding on a few extra minutes to your dog’s walk or buying a fun new wand-style toy for your cat.


Eliminate or cut way back on any table scraps you might be feeding your pet. The calorie counts of some tasty people food snacks may surprise you. For example, did you know that one serving of sausage contains over 240 calories?


Get to know the ideal weight range for your pet’s size and breed. Here’s a handy guide from the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.


Make a habit of checking the nutritional labels of your pet’s food and portioning out your pet’s daily meals to avoid serving them too much. Talk to your vet about cutting back on dry food, particularly if you leave it out for your pet to graze on all day.


Substitute healthy, low calorie treats for processed pet treats that are high in fat and calories. Try pure, freeze-dried chicken or salmon for cats, and crunchy fruits and vegetables for dogs.


Does your pet beg for food? Maybe he’s just hungry for more attention from you. Try distracting a begging pet with exercise, play, or just some simple hugs and kisses.



Your Animal Hearted purchase saves lives! 25% of all proceeds are donated to no kill animal shelters!



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