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Meet Lola:  A Cat Rescued from a Heartbreaking Hoarding Situation

Meet Lola: A Cat Rescued from a Heartbreaking Hoarding Situation


Check out this incredible video from The Humane Society of the United States. A sweet little tortoiseshell kitty named Lola got a second chance at a new life when she was rescued from a nightmarish hoarding environment where 700 cats were kept in dangerously unsafe conditions. The Humane Society reports that this hoarding situation was one of the largest animal cruelty cases in history.



HSUS estimates that each year approximately 250,000 animals across the U.S. are victims of hoarding. Hoarded animals often suffer from neglect, unsanitary living conditions, and lack of proper nutrition and medical care. Treatment and rehabilitation of animal hoarders is difficult and most will go back to hoarding without long-term intervention.


Do you suspect an animal hoarding situation (or other types of animal abuse or neglect) in your neighborhood? Contact your local animal welfare agency to report it. You can also call 911 or the police if you don’t know what agency to call.



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