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Study Shows Influence of Dog-Owner Relationship on Canine Behavior Issues

Study Shows Influence of Dog-Owner Relationship on Canine Behavior Issues


A study published in the journal Applied Animal Behaviour Science confirms what many dog owners already may have known…that a dog’s behavior problems can be improved with more training activities and increased participation in dog-human interactions. Is your dog engaging in some naughty behavior? Chances are, more quality one-on-one time with you can go a long way to solving your dog’s behavior problems.


The authors of the study looked at over 400 dog-owning adults who reported some sort of behavior problem in their canine companions. The problems fell into 5 main categories:


  • Disobedience
  • Unfriendliness/aggression
  • Nervousness
  • Anxiety/destructiveness
  • Excitability


Owners who engaged in more shared activities with their dogs reported less behavior problems than owners who interacted less frequently with their dogs. Activities studied included things like hugs and kisses, grooming, taking the dog out in the car and on visits, buying gifts, giving treats, playing games, and simply sitting with the dog.


Not surprisingly, engaging in some sort of training activity resulted in less canine behavior problems. This was especially true in the areas of disobedience, unfriendliness/aggression, and nervousness. Training activities examined were not limited to formal obedience classes. Even informal training had a positive impact on canine behavior.


The conclusion is clear--the more quality time you spend with your dog, the better-behaved your dog will be!


You can read the full text of the study HERE.




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