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Meet Thula:  An Adorable Therapy Cat for a Girl with Autism

Meet Thula: An Adorable Therapy Cat for a Girl with Autism


Iris Grace Halmshaw is a young girl from the UK with an exceptional talent for painting. She also happens to have a form of autism that makes it difficult for her to communicate, express emotion, and interact with others. Enter an adorable Maine Coon kitten named Thula. With the loyal and affectionate companionship of her furry best friend, Iris Grace’s condition has shown remarkable improvement.


Iris Grace has become more calm and communicative with Thula by her side.


Thula is an interested observer of Iris Grace’s painting.


They also enjoy taking baths together and snoozing together.



Iris Grace and Thula play together and go on adventures outside, too.



Thula always looks charming in her little service animal vest.


To learn more about the heartwarming friendship of Iris Grace and Thula, check out the Iris Grace Painting Facebook page!  You can purchase prints and other products featuring Iris Grace's artwork HERE.



Good kitty, Thula!

Photos: Iris Grace Painting Facebook page.



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