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Thousands of Hunters Sign Up to Shoot Few Remaining Norwegian Wolves

Thousands of Hunters Sign Up to Shoot Few Remaining Norwegian Wolves


According to wildlife experts, there may be as few as 30 individual wolves left in the wild in Norway. Even with those low numbers, Norway is permitting the hunting of 16 wolves this season. An incredible 11,571 people registered for licenses to shoot this small handful of wolves. That’s 723 hunters per wolf. But wait, there’s more…


Norway is also permitting the hunting of 18 individual brown bears. 10,930 people applied for licenses to shoot the bears. 141 wolverines are also on the official hunting list…10,820 people signed up for the chance to hunt them.


Why would Norway permit the hunting of animals with such low population numbers like the wolf? Norwegian authorities say that the decision to allow hunting is to protect the country’s livestock from predators.


Conservation experts argue that many of Norway’s few remaining wolves are killed illegally anyway, so legal wolf hunting doesn’t make much sense for such a small population.


Click HERE to learn more about wolf hunting in Norway.


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SHaron ELlison - May 18, 2017

Please stop

Kat Mohrlock - September 8, 2016

These people should be ashamed of themselves! The government and the hunters! Leave what little you have left alone!!

Allyson CAhill - January 24, 2016

Stop letting hunters kill animals. This is so unfair and cruel in the animal kingdom. These animals are Gods creatures, not a person’s to kill them. Let animals live in peace not in fear of hunters out to kill them. Noah’s ark leave his animals alone.

Della Reece - January 12, 2016

How can they allow a hunt with so few of them left? This is horrendous! All those thousands of hunters should be ashamed of them selves for signing up to expel a whole species! Way to go you ball less POS’S!

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