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Biker Rescues Hurt Kitten on Cross-Country Ride

Motorcyclist Pat Doody was on a cross-country trip from Nevada to New Jersey when he found a tiny injured kitten at a truck stop. The kitten had gotten burned somehow and Pat couldn’t leave the little guy, now named Party Cat, behind. So he tucked Party Cat into his vest and took him on the road to finish his journey with a new friend.


Pat reports that Party Cat’s burns are mostly healed (except for a few around the mouth) with a little care and attention from his new protectors. Party Cat is a great road companion, hanging out in Pat’s vest during rides and sharing in all sorts of adventures on this cross-country ride. “He’s so chill,” says Pat. “I’ve never met a cat so calm.” Party Cat is one cool kitty.


Check out some of these great pictures from Pat’s tumblr for more biker cat cuteness.










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Eric - May 21, 2017

That is so cool…and my daughter makes fun of me wanting to ride like with a feline companion. Not anymore…LOL. That’s just awesome!

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