Meet Pumpkin, The Raccoon Who Thinks She’s a Dog


When a one month old raccoon fell out of a tree in Rosie Kemp’s backyard (which just happens to be in the Bahamas!) and broke her leg, the family waited for the baby raccoon’s mom to return for her. When she didn’t, they decided to take her in and care for the little bundle of fur themselves (it’s legal to own a raccoon in the Bahamas).


Pumpkin the raccoon now lives with Kemp’s daughter Laura Young, her husband, and their two rescue dogs. As you can see, Pumpkin is just one of the pups and her daily life with her canine siblings is wonderfully documented with beautiful pictures on a very cute Instagram account.


While a pet raccoon isn’t for everybody, as their intelligence and curiosity can make them quite a handful, Pumpkin and her adopted family seem to be adjusting very well to each other. Enjoy these gorgeous pictures of Pumpkin and her doggy siblings enjoying the good life in the Bahamas!









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  • Aaron Seminoff
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