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7 Brilliant Hacks for Dog Lovers

7 Brilliant Hacks for Dog Lovers


If your best friend has four legs and tail, you know that there are certain things you can do to make life with a dog easier and more fun for both you and your best friend. We’ve gathered a few ingenious life hacks for dog owners, because we’re always interested in learning how to take better care of our fur kids!


1. Edible Kong

Remove the core, stem, and all of the seeds from an apple. Fill with peanut butter for a tasty and fun treat.


2. Ultimate Pet Hair Roller

Cover a paint roller with tape to make a super-sized and easy to use pet hair roller.


3. Pet Supply Organizer

Use a closet shoe organizer for all of your pet supplies.


4. Personalized Dog Art

Put some poster board paint in a paper plate. Dip your dog’s paws in it and have her walk on poster board. Frame when dry. (Make sure to clean your dog’s paws after this project!)


5. Dog Bowl Plant Waterer

If you have a big dog who’s a sloppy drinker, place his bowl on top of a planter so that it’s at a good height and the spilled water feeds your plants at the same time.


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6. DIY Dog Chew Toy

Place an empty plastic water bottle in an old sock or the sleeve of an old shirt. Tie off any open ends.


7. Upcycled Dog Bed

Make a bed for your dog by putting a big soft pillow inside an old drawer, vintage suitcase, or car tire (well-cleaned first, of course).


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