Watch the Heartwarming Rescue of Two Abandoned Dogs


A closely-bonded pair of poodles was discovered living in a garbage-strewn sewer under a Los Angeles freeway. A local family had been feeding the two dogs, a male and a female, but the frightened pair needed some serious help. The local animal rescue organization Hope for Paws came to the rescue. Two determined rescuers entered the sewer and gently gained the scared dogs’ trust and were able to bring them out to safety.


Watch as the larger male dog protectively guards his timid sister as she slowly becomes comfortable enough to make her way out of the sewer with her buddy and human rescuers. The two come out of their shells as they get a much-needed bath and grooming; they even meet the family who made sure they had food to eat while in the sewer.


The adorable pair (now named Pepsi and Cola) are now living the good life romping around the backyard of their foster home, while waiting for a chance to get adopted together into their new forever home. Good luck Pepsi and Cola, we hope you find your new forever home soon!






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  • Aaron Seminoff
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