4 Comfortable Cat & Dog Cone Alternatives

Dog and Cat Cone Alternatives

Dog & Cat Cone Alternatives

Oh no…your pet had surgery or got injured and came back from the vet with more than just fresh sutures and wound care ointment, he also has to wear the cone of shame so he won’t lick or bite his incision or wound. That stiff, uncomfortable plastic Elizabethan collar (E-collar), also called a lampshade or satellite dish, seems to have been designed to make your dog or cat even more miserable than the original health problem. So are there any good options for dog and cat cone alternatives? Check out some of these neat products.


BiteNot Collar

The soft BiteNot Collar is a more comfortable alternative to the cone of shame. It allows complete peripheral vision and makes activities like eating and drinking a lot easier for your pet. It protects wounds and sutures on the body and can also be used for cervical stabilization and catheter protection.


KONG Cloud Collar

Similar to a neck pillow for us humans, the Cloud Collar is very soft and comfortable. It allows for peripheral vision and makes eating and drinking easier for dogs and cats. Leave it to KONG to come up with a smart alternative to the cone of shame!


Cover Me by Tui

This unique alternative to the E-collar looks like a baby’s cute little onesie. It’s designed to comfortably cover your pet’s body to prevent licking and biting of wounds and sutures. The Cover Me by Tui comes in all sizes and its snuggly fit actually helps to calm nervous pets, too.



The ProCollar is made of an inflatable inner tube covered by canvas fabric and a Velcro strap closure. It comes in 6 sizes from extra-small to double extra-large to fit any size pet. They’re made in the UK, but US pet owners can easily find them at many pet supply stores.


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