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A Victory for Pets: Betsy’s Law Goes into Effect in New Jersey


A new law went into effect on September 15th in the state of New Jersey. Besty’s Law is the result of an 8 year struggle by a woman named Madeleine Kayser after she lost her beloved dog Betsy, a 16 month old Rottweiler, who died overnight at a veterinarian’s office after undergoing routine eye surgery. Poor Betsy hanged herself on an unbreakable collar while left unattended during the night.


Kayser was told by the vet that her dog would need overnight supervision so that she wouldn’t paw at her sutures. Kayser assumed that the clinic would be staffed overnight, which it was not. Betsy’s Law now requires all veterinarians and animal hospitals in the state to post signs clearly indicating that they do not have overnight supervision.



After Betsy’s death in 2007, Kayser began researching the issue and found out that 90% of vet offices and animal hospitals in New Jersey did not have 24 hour care. This new law is seen as a way for pet owners to be more informed about their pets’ care. New Jersey veterinarians are also supportive of the law. One vet reported that he would have clients sign a document saying that they understand that his facility is not staffed overnight.


To learn more about Betsy’s story and the new law, click HERE.




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Dawn - October 20, 2015

The best vet in nj is dr.Robert Cohen in freehold/manalapan! He lies & cares abt animal & lives in his farmhouse steps away frm his animal clinic.ppl come frm different states just to bring their animals thr! He’s the best!

Madeleine Kayser - October 11, 2015

OH MY GOD. I am so so sorry. Please call me 732-604-5580 or email me

No words. I’m so sorry and Just that it’s unacceptable.

This is Madeleine Besty’s owner

cecelia updegrove - September 26, 2015

My rottie Daisy died after having major surgery,, I was told that someone would be there every 4 hours during the closed hours, 6 at night till 8 am. I went there during the at 4 am after work. It was pitch black, I stood outside of an open window singing to here. I stayed up and waited for someone to arrive and was told no one was there all night. My baby Daisy died the next day. They lied to my face. I was in shock when I lost my girl. They scared me into surgery, I was playing ball on the beach the day before she went in for a meet appt. First time she meet the vet, we had just moved. He ran tests and told me she needed her spline out immediately. He killed my girl. I will always be sorry I trusted him, I will always be so sad I did that to my girl. Margate animal clinic.

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