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Meet Corduroy, the World’s Oldest Living Cat



You’d never know it by looking at this handsome, long-haired tabby cat, but Corduroy currently holds the record as the world’s oldest living domestic cat at an incredible 26 years old. The lifespan of an average cat is around 15 years old, so a 26 year old cat is amazing, let alone one who looks as fit and healthy as Corduroy.



Corduroy lives in Oregon with his owner, Ashley Reed Okura. He has been the Reed family cat since 1989, when he was a kitten and Ashley was just 7 years old. He also had a brother named Batman who lived to the impressive age of 19…good genetics in that kitty family.



The previous longest-lived cat (Tiffany Two) recently passed on after reaching 27 years of age. According to Guinness World Records, a cat named Crème Puff holds the all-time record. Crème Puff was born in 1967 and lived until 2005, an incredible 38 years.


Interested in learning more about Corduroy?  Check out this video:




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