60 Minutes Documents the Incredible Rescue of Abused Circus Lions


The CBS News program 60 Minutes recently aired a heartbreaking segment about the sad lives of performing circus lions that every animal lover needs to watch.  The show documented the rescue of a group of over 30 abused lions that had been performing in grim traveling circuses in Peru. 



The rescuers of these lions are Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips of Animal Defenders International.  Jan and Tim have dedicated their lives to documenting the abuse of captive wild animals and prosecuting the circus owners and trainers for animal cruelty…with the ultimate goal of banning circus wild animal acts around the world.



This particular group of lions from Peru had been regularly beaten and abused, had their claws and teeth removed, and many had never even set foot outside their cages.  The lions were rescued and taken to a safe holding area, and then—incredibly—the entire group was successfully airlifted to a sanctuary in South Africa, where they finally were able to enjoy some measure of peace and happiness.

CLICK HERE to watch this unforgettable story on the 60 Minutes website now.



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