10 Best Dog Breeds for Active People


Looking for a dog that can keep up with your active lifestyle? If your weekends are packed with outdoor activities like hiking, running, biking, and rock climbing, you need a dog who is ready, willing, and able to join in on the fun. Which breeds top the list of best dogs for people who can’t sit still? Here are the top 10, courtesy of Outdoor Magazine.


1. Mutt. Consider adopting a mixed-breed dog from your local animal shelter when you’re ready for an enthusiastic companion for your outdoor activities. You’re sure to find the perfect partner by adopting a mixed-breed shelter dog.


2. Border Collie. The Border collie tops many “most intelligent breed” lists. Their history as hard-working herding dogs also makes them great partners for your outdoor activities. In fact, if you’re not active, your Border collie will go stir crazy without enough to do.


3. Labrador Retriever. One of the most popular dog breeds, the lab is energetic, eager to please, and not afraid of getting a little wet. The lab is a great playmate for a family with active children, as well as a loyal companion for outdoorsy singles.


4. Siberian Husky. Like the Border collie, an active lifestyle is practically a requirement for husky owners. They are strong, sturdy, and independent-minded. It would be hard to find a better cross-country skiing companion than the capable husky.


5. Weimaraner. The striking Weimaraner is an active, high-energy dog. Experts note this breed’s particular suitability as a running and jogging partner. They are swift and agile, and their short coat is low-maintenance and well-suited to activity in hot weather.


6. Australian Shepherd. Similar in some ways to that other active herder, the Border collie, the Australian shepherd is very protective and people-oriented, and can be a better choice for active families with young kids…or singles looking for an energetic but less intense dog.


7. Rhodesian Ridgeback. This handsome breed was originally bred to hunt lions in Africa. They are athletic and strong, but also very good with people. Like the Weimaraner, their short, low-maintenance coat makes them good as a running partner in hot climates.


8. Rat Terrier. As the name suggests, the rat terrier was originally bred to hunt rats on farms in rural areas. Like other terriers, they are smaller in size than some of the other active breeds, but they make excellent companions on hikes because they are so agile and nimble.


9. Jack Russell Terrier. Don’t let that cute face and small size fool you, the Jack Russell is one tough dog. Known for its enthusiasm and high energy level, the Jack Russell is particularly well-suited as a tireless long-distance running partner.


10. Australian Cattle Dog. This herding breed is intelligent, energetic, and strong. Australian cattle dogs have a protective nature and develop strong bonds with their people. They also love to run around in wide open spaces. All of this makes them an ideal choice for an active family with kids.



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