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“Finding Shelter” Project Celebrates Animal Shelter Volunteers


Jesse Freidin is a professional pet photographer who takes beautiful portraits of animals. Many pet photographers have started taking pictures of shelter animals with the goal of increasing pet adoption numbers across the country. That got Jesse thinking about doing something more…documenting the special bond that shelter animals share with the dedicated volunteers who help care for them.


This was the beginning of “Finding Shelter,” an incredible campaign that honors the caring people who devote so much of their time and energy to helping shelter animals. Jesse hopes that his heartwarming portraits of these volunteers with shelter pets will help shed new light on animal shelters as places of hope and healing…for both the animals and the people who care for them.


Want to participate in the project?  You can share photos of your shelter pet with the Finding Shelter community using #weallneedshelter


Check out this moving video to learn more about Jesse and the “Finding Shelter” project. You can also visit the official project website at to see the pictures.





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