10 Reasons Why There’s More to Love with a St. Bernard


The St. Bernard is classified as a “giant” dog breed. A full grown adult can weigh close to 300 pounds. That’s pretty big, but these dogs are true gentle giants, with big hearts to go with their big size. Like other breeds of mountain dogs, the St. Bernard is a hearty working dog originally bred for not just alpine rescues, but also for sled pulling and livestock guarding and herding. Here are just a few reasons why there’s more to love with St. Bernards.


1. They’re the cutest puppies ever


2. They make great babysitters


3. They're very photogenic


4. They never give you a hard time


5. They can carry your booze for you


6. They've been around a long time


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7. They don’t mind a little snow...


8. ...And they like the beach, too


9. They’re always ready for their close-up


10. Did we mention they like snow?


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  • Aaron Seminoff
Comments 15
  • Louise Murray
    Louise Murray

    We were blessed for our B. B. to come into our family. He was 8 weeks old. The love he has for us is irreplaceable. Who ever is in the house at any time he has to go to each one of us tuck his big head in out necks and just give us love and get love in return. I have never had a big dog. I love this baby so much. I can say he is one sweet lovable boy!!!!! He is 6 months old weighing in at 75 lbs. What a member of our family he is.

  • Pamela

    I have had 3 saints. one i rescued he died of bloat at 7. was so torn up he was a lover and my big old bandit. now i have a male oden and a female brandy. i call oden lambchop. i have never had so much love. lambchop is my dog and brandy is my husbands dog. oden and i have petathons where i pet him for hours. our record is four hours. he is a huge baby and gets in bed to get petted every night. he is my service dog. i suffer from ptsd and trauma. brandy is so beautiful and sweet. she loves everyone. i love the winter when the snow has just fallen and they are out there playing together. brandy is 2 1/2 and oden is 2. i will never have any other kind of dog ever. they are the most loving loyal beautiful silky sweet babies in the world. as you can tell i am totally in love with them. do not hesitate to rescue a dog. the love you will get from them will totally make life worth living.

  • Rod Cullins
    Rod Cullins

    My very first dog was a Saint, and I’ll never love another breed like I love those big animals. The only drawbacks to having one in your family is they slobber (always keep a rag in your back pocket), and their life expectancy is rather sort, due to their size. But, for the time they’re with you, you’ll never know unconditional love as you will with a Saint.

  • LAraine

    I’ve had Saints for almost 30 years. They are my breed of choice. In fact my husband and I built a no kill rescue called Symphony Animal Foundation named in memory of our first 2 St. Bernard’s , Beethoven and Mozart.

  • Jim

    Have had 3 Saints now. Roxanne (Roxy) female, had her until 12 from SPCA, Jack-big big boy had him for a year and a half. He died from cancer. Previous owner never told us. Nick (Saint Nicholas) Xmas puppy had him for 13 years. All were rescues and I want another. They are/were the best dogs I’ve ever had.

  • BZ

    I rescued a year and a half old male St a couple years ago. He only weighed 98 lbs and was in pretty rough shape. He now weighs 150 so he’s just a little St Bernard. He is an awesome dog! He fit right in with our 3 Labs and doesn’t seem to even mind the annoying cats. So glad we took him home!


    We lost our Saint last year and our home just isn’t the same. Jack was the biggest baby and went everywhere with us. He loved the motor home, the beach, the snow, hiking, going fishing with us, road trips and just hanging out where every we were. I miss him jumping up on the bed at night to get his hugs and kisses, after 15-20 minutes he would get to hot and go find a cooler place, but was promptly back at 5am to wake us up- no alarm clock needed.

    We have been looking for a new baby. If you are or know of a breeder in the west we would love another giant furball baby!

  • Chasidy Myrick
    Chasidy Myrick

    I have a female saint, her name is Gracie and I found her in Oct. of 2009. She is such a little lady and has the best manners I’ve ever seen in a canine. I have never had a dog of my very own but I got to say I would take a life when it comes to my Gracie. She’s my heart and I will never be able to replace her. God help me when she leaves me I don’t know how I’m going to handle it. Nobody could love a dog more than I do my Gracie.

  • Melody Sinnett
    Melody Sinnett

    We have had Saints for over 21 years. We have 3 right now and I wouldn’t have anything else. They are absolutely the best family dog you could ever ask for!! Once you have a Saint you are addicted!!

  • mike

    there is a page on facebook called saints looking for forever homes there was a rescue looking for home for 3 year old saint $300 near the PA ohio boarder

  • Kim Petrime
    Kim Petrime

    My husband and I are looking to rescue a saint. We lost our saint Oct. our house just isn’t the same. We live in Ohio so please let us know if you hear of one.

  • Kristine

    Rescued our first saint, Nana at 8 months of age. Couldn’t believe the amount of affection was possible from any animal. So much so we couldn’t resist rescuing our second about 7 months later. Big Bear a 5 year old , 175 pound teddy bear. His owner passed away and left him homeless. He was always kept outdoors which I don’t believe in but he adjusted to indoor life beautifully. It’s now three years later and I wouldn’t trade them in for nothing. The love and affection from these two are priceless. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a Saint in their lives. As for Big Bear he would much rather be in the house than outside. He goes out does his business and is right back to the door letting out one loud bark to get back in

  • artie

    We have rescued 2 Saints
    We had Sammy for 5 years. Never knew what a treat was. What love was. Got Bloat twice. We were able to save him the 1st time,but the 2nd we were too late
    We rescued another Saint Cheyenne. At 6 months she was only 65lbs,and was never taught any manners whatsoever.She was extremely challenging. But we do not give up on our animals. She is now 4. She is a pleasure to have around. She is extremely sweet. Loyal to a fault. Our friends and family love her,and regularly bring the little ones over top play with her. God help the intruder,or if someone put their hands on my wife,or myself.
    Cheyenne sleeps with us most nights,or she can be found on the couch sprawled out. Best dog ever!

  • Lori Allen
    Lori Allen

    I have had 2 Saint Bernards – 1 male and 1 female. I can say that they are one of the best breed of dogs out there. My female especially was the greatest pet we have had and truly a member of our family. When we lost her at 4 years old to a rare disease and it was like losing a person in our house. She was right at 175 pounds and the life of the neighborhood. Kids in the neighborhood didn’t know who I or my husband were but they knew who Lucy was. These dogs are so gentle, lovable and want only to be your friend and companion. I will have another one someday soon.

  • Jeannette

    I had 1 Saint Bernards rescued I rescued him from Michigan he was an older. Loved on a chain all his life we got him we showed him what love was for his last 2 years of his life he never even knew what claim was until I told him that he passed and we miss him so much he was one of the best dogs ever. No we went to Michigan the rescues another Saint Bernard this one was a puppy somehow another now he’s got hip displacement and his left hip but he’s doing good he weighs over 200 pound the last one we had only with Hunter and 76 pounds but were thinking it was because of malnutrition from the people feeding him raw ham from the pig farm. These dogs are so lovable you couldn’t ask for a better dog at all or a companion or a family member of that we just love them dearly the first one we had we named him Caesars the second one we got his name is Dakota Dakota still here with us and we baby him everyday he is just the coolest family member you ever want to have

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