6 Great Reasons to Adopt an Adult Shelter Dog

Thinking about heading over to your local shelter to look for a new puppy? Many potential adopters who think they want a puppy may be surprised to find that an adult dog is a much better fit for their personalities and lifestyles. Check out these reasons why adopting an adult dog may just be the perfect choice for you.


1. Know what you’re getting

With an adult dog, you know exactly what you’re getting into regarding your new dog’s full-grown size, appearance, and personality. You won’t be surprised to discover if your new dog gets really big or needs more exercise and training than you bargained for.


2. A smooth transition

Do you have a busy work schedule and social life that takes you out of the house for most of the day and evening? Of course, adult dogs require time and attention, but they are much less of a time commitment than puppies. An adult dog will more easily adapt to your schedule, while a puppy will develop behavior problems if left alone for more than a few hours a day.


3. Socialization 101

A well-adjusted dog needs a lot of socialization as a puppy. If you don’t have enough time to spend on socializing your puppy, or if you do it incorrectly, you may end up with an overly shy, fearful, or aggressive adult. While some adult shelter dogs were not properly socialized as puppies, you can find plenty of adult dogs with healthy personalities who were well-socialized as puppies.


4. Less chewing

Puppies have a strong urge to chew on things. Many people don’t realize to what extent they have to puppy-proof their home to save their stuff from getting chewed on. Adult dogs have less of a need to chew on things, and an adult dog’s chewing habits are easier to manage than a young puppy’s.


5. Less training

All puppies need some form of obedience training, preferably at a puppy obedience class conducted by a skilled trainer. Are you ready to go back to school? It never hurts to take your new adult dog for training, but adults are much less likely to need the kind of ground-up, intensive training as puppies.


6. Independence day

Puppies are used to a lot of interaction with their mom and littermates. A puppy that is left alone will make sure you know he is unhappy about it. Can you handle the crying and constant demanding of attention? Consider an adult dog if you are looking for a pet with more confidence and independence. An adult is more likely to adapt to your routine and calmly enjoy your presence without insisting on constant interaction.



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