8 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summer is a great time to have fun outdoors with your dog, but be aware that dogs can get overheated as easily as humans can. Here are some simple tips to ensure that your dog is one cool character this summer.


1. Buy an inexpensive kiddie pool and fill it with cool water for your dog to cool off in the yard.


2. Go for early morning and late night walks to avoid the heat of the day. Seek out nearby cool and wet destinations like rivers or lakes.


3. Keep plenty of fresh drinking water around when your dog is outdoors. Put her bowl in a shady spot and change the water often.


4. Trim your dog’s coat if he has a lot of fur, but don’t shave him. Coats help regulate a dog’s body temperature in hot weather.


5. Feed your dog cool treats with lots of moisture. Try this easy pupsicle recipe:

Blend together 4 cups rice milk or frozen yogurt, 1 mashed banana (or jar of fruit baby food), 2 tbs. honey, and 2 tbs. peanut butter. Pour into paper cups or ice cube trays and freeze for at least 4 hours.


6. Protect your dog from sunburn by making sure he can get out of direct sunlight and into a shady spot when outdoors. Dogs with short coats and white fur are especially vulnerable to sunburn.


7. When indoors, keep a fan running for your dog if you don’t have air conditioning. You can also switch out her usual dog bed for a cooling bed, such as an elevated one with mesh or one where you can insert cold packs.


8. Protect your dog’s feet from getting burned on hot pavement by using booties or paw protection wax.


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