Got Pets? New Pet Survey Proves Americans are Crazy about Animals


The American Pet Products Association has released the results of their National Pet Owners Survey. This survey tracks pet ownership and pet spending data among U.S. pet owners. There’s no doubt about it…the results show that we are a nation of animal lovers! Here are some highlights from the survey.


65% of U.S. households (that’s nearly 80 million homes) own at least one pet. In 1988, only 56% of households had a pet.


Which pet takes the number one spot, dogs or cats? It depends on how you look at it. More households own dogs (54.4 million) than cats (42.9 million), but there are more total pet cats (85.8 million) than pet dogs (77.8 million). So, it’s a draw!


Just in case our dogs and cats start getting big heads, in terms of sheer numbers, the number one pet is freshwater fish at 95.5 million. Fish also rank third after dogs and cats in the pet-owning households category.


How do other animals rank in the U.S. pet population totals? The numbers drop off sharply after fish, cats, and dogs, but birds come next at 14.3 million, followed by small animals at 12.4 million. Saltwater fish, reptiles, and horses all come in at under 10 million.


What are we spending our money on? Most of our annual pet expenditures are on surgical and routine vet visits. Veterinary care is followed by food, kennel boarding, grooming and grooming tools, food treats, vitamins, and toys. Spending for dogs is higher than for cats in most of these categories.


For more info, check out the APPA website HERE.


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