6 Inspiring Animal Shelter Success Stories

Did you know that there are over 13,000 animal shelters in the U.S. that take in over 7 million dogs and cats each year? While these numbers are sobering, it’s good to know that there are a lot of great shelters out there, staffed by dedicated people committed to finding homes for as many animals as possible.


Here are some heartwarming shelter success stories that will restore your faith in humanity…and confirm your faith in animals!



Liberty, a King Charles spaniel, was rescued from a puppy mill in Virginia along with 500 other dogs. She was brought to the Washington Animal Rescue League where she was being treated for malnutrition and development problems associated with life in a wire cage at a puppy mill. Her new family fell in love with this sick, frightened dog and took her home. Her previous life left her with some food and housebreaking issues that had to be addressed, but today her owners report that she is an affectionate, funny, and entertaining member of the family.



Sebastien, a sweet white cat with cute black markings, was a stray cat who was caught in a trap and brought to a local San Diego animal shelter. He was taken to live with a foster family and eventually brought to the Helen Woodward Animal Center. A woman named Erica was browsing adoptable cats on their website and his handsome face immediately caught her eye. He had scars on his nose from the trap, but Erica thought they gave him character. She came to the shelter to meet him and the rest is history. Sebastien now spends his days with Erica, getting cuddles and watching the birds from his kitty condo.



Poor Lika has a heart condition which causes her to pass out when she’s overexcited. Amazingly, Lika was adopted from the Humane Society of Charlotte by a woman with the same medical condition. Talk about a match that was meant to be. Lika’s new owner reports that both she and Lika are doing well, and together as a team, they raise awareness on women’s heart health issues.



This all black cat with the cool name was living with the nice people at the Decatur and Macon County Animal Shelter Foundation for two whole years before being adopted by his new family. Things were rough at first, and Blackbone spent a lot of time hiding under the furniture. But that’s all changed now, and Blackbone is most often found happily riding on the shoulders of the family’s boys.



Sweet Millie and her brother were rescued from an abusive home where their former owner beat them with a metal pipe and nunchucks. The owner was convicted of animal cruelty and Millie was brought to the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. With the help of the shelter’s behavior and training team, Millie’s true personality came out. Today she lives in a new home where she can let her sweet, silly, and playful nature shine through.



Ryder is one lucky kitten. A vet tech driving to work saw Ryder fall out from under a truck. He might have crawled up into the truck on his own or been placed there by his mother, either way, he was lucky to survive his ride. The frightened little kitten was taken to Sparkle Cat Rescue. He was small for his age at the time of his rescue, and was still tiny when he reached adoption age. But good things come in small packages because he was quickly adopted and now lives safe and secure in his new forever home.



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